Prolotherapy/Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments are a regenerative injection therapy that offer a smart alternative to joint surgery or steroid injections due to chronic pain.

Prolotherapy uses the body’s natural ability to relieve chronic pain, strengthen tissues, and restore function. The most basic Prolotherapy solution contains a naturally occurring sugar (dextrose) combined with an anesthetic. This solution does not contain cortisone, which is known to decrease inflammation. Acute pain may be relieved with cortisone, but repeated use causes a weakening of the tissues and chronic pain may develop.

Platelet Rich Plasma is created from actual blood drawn from the patient. The patient’s blood is then put in a centrifuge machine that separates out the activated platelets, growth factors and the healing cells. Now rich in healing cells and growth factors, the blood is then injected back into the areas needing repair.


  1. Increased blood flow to joints
  2. Tighten’s a joints ligaments
  3. Stimulates the body to heal itself
  4. Decreases pain

At Harmony Integrative Healthcare we take a comprehensive approach to Regenerative Injection Therapy. Your appointment will include:

  1. A thorough evaluation
  2. Injections performed with the best researched material
  3. Resources to help maintain results


How Many Treatments are Usually Necessary?

The number of treatments is dependent on several factors: type and severity of the damaged tissue, location, nutritional state of the patient, age, and genetic factors. In order to achieve maximum results you may need several treatments, usually 3-6 injections, every 4-6 weeks.

Will my Insurance cover this treatment?

Regenerative medicine is not covered by insurance. Payment is due at the time of service. In some cases, patients have been able to get reimbursed by insurance. You will need to inquire with your insurance company regarding reimbursement.

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